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We Craft Java’s Finest Reclaimed Teak Products For Your Living Spaces.


The natural beauty of antique teak is the essence of the Java Recycled Teak Company. We see old, re-claimed Javanese teak as an authentic expression of the origins of the wood and its original purpose. Stunningly extraordinary and the ultimate flooring or panelling material, reclaimed teak from century-old buildings does not take from the standing forest. Reclaimed teak is the perfect wood for enduring value, whether for an antique aesthetic or a modern look. Our teak flooring originates as old timber, traditionally used in the construction of traditional houses and farm buildings found in Central and East Java. Aged from 50 to 100 or more years, these buildings are a treasure trove of sturdy, ancient teak timbers that have aged gradually without losing any of their strength or vitality.

The aged wooden surface or patina on every plank is created from decades of tropical seasoning and rural use, adding unique depth and character to any interior or exterior environment. Textured by nature and time, only antique wood retains its original patina, whatever the room or setting. Recycling old teak is only part of our mission. We are passionate about the traditional ways of salvaging the timber – to bring the wood back to life. As the woodworking skills of the community are lost to automation, we actively recruit experienced craftsmen to prevent these skills from disappearing.

We take meticulous care to make exquisite teak products, crafting by hand yet meeting demanding international benchmarks of quality and providing bespoke solutions to different customers and requirements. Our products are available FSC-certified, demonstrating that our timber is only sourced from reclaimed supplies.

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